#2, Projected NCAA men’s basketball tournament

Projected seedings for NCAA men’s basketball tournament Ranking,  Seed, Team name, Measure, Error 1    1    Kansas    78.83    3.24 2    1    Syracuse    75.60    2.67 3    1    Kentucky    75.35    3.31 4    1    Duke    74.32    2.24 5    2    Purdue    71.68    2.47 6    2    Villanova    71.63    2.48 7    2    Kansas St    71.02    2.41 8    2    West Virginia    70.72    2.29 […]

Projected NCAA men’s basketball tournament

To create my projected NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament field of 65 teams, the conference leader as of today was each conference’s “champion” and received the automatic bid (New Mexico has a .5 game lead over BYU but, BYU has a better measure. There may be other instances where the conference leader is not the best […]

College basketball unbiased rankings

Here is the crux of what SportsMeasures.com can do: This is a live, in-action-as-I-write example. As of this writing, Illinois has a two game lead over Minnesota in the Big 10 standings (9-5 vs. 7-7) and a one-half game lead overall (17-10 vs. 16-10). Yet, Illinois is getting votes in the AP writer’s Top 25 […]


I will add updates to the current sports listed each week – usually after Sundays competitions. The week of games from Monday to Sunday is what I use as a ‘week.’ I will do my best to have my update posted by Monday evening.


The NCAA and the Bowl Championship Series was very fortunate to have Texas and Alabama finish as the top two teams in the BCS this just completed season. I am uncertain how much impact there would have been on SportsMeasures’ rankings if Nebraska had been able to pull off the upset of Texas in the […]

Interesting Week in College Basketball

College basketball has had an interesting week this first week of February. I watched Illinois/Michigan St tonight (2/6) and that was just one of several Top 15 upsets for the week. A few particular teams of note in the SportsMeasures Top 30 include St. Mary’s (CA), Cornell and Northern Iowa, 22nd, 24th and 29th, respectively. […]

NFL Conference Championship Measures

Take a look at the NFL rankings for the Conference Championship measures. You will see that Indianapolis and New Orleans are essentially in a dead heat for the highest performance measure. The tenths of a point difference is meaningless. So, SportsMeasures won’t even make a prediction based on the measures. It is nice to see […]