Sweet 16!

WOW! What an opening weekend to the tournament! There is no measurement methodology available that could have accurately predicted these games. Someone with some lucky guesses, sure. But there is no science available that could have seen this coming. Science aside though, there were some great games. Looking to the second weekend though, we have […]


For the duration of my entry into the contest at www.lastfanstanding2010.com I will be blogging there. As soon as I lose in this contest I will return to SportsMeasures.com to continue blogging about sports. – Patrick

SportsMeasures.com field of 65

Here is the field of 65 as seen by SportsMeasures.com. The columns are as follows: Seed, SM.com ranking, team, measure, standard error 1    1        Kansas    76.90    2.54 1    2        Kentucky    73.37    2.57 1    3        Syracuse    72.78    2.14 1    4        Duke    72.58    2.00 2    5        West Virginia    69.74    2.00 2    6   […]

Week to week ranking movement

Kansas is still #1 this week despite its loss last week and will most likely retain the top spot in next weeks poll with its win over K-State Wednesday night! Just because a team loses once or twice doesn’t mean that the team has lost some of its luster. Kansas is the class of the […]

Conference strength

Here are the top six men’s basketball conferences for the 2009-10 season: Big 12 – 64.63 ACC – 63.78 Big East – 63.57 SEC – 61.51 Big 10 – 61.11 Pac-10 – 58.70 It is no surprise that the Big 12 is at the top of the list. It is somewhat surprising to see the […]