Final NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Conference Strength Ranking

Final NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Conference Strength Ranking             One of the more popular annual arguments among college football fans is which conference is the strongest, toughest or best in the country. Our research shows that in 2011-12, the Big 12 (with only ten teams) is the best conference in […]

Strength of Schedule and Conference Strength

As we head into the 2011 college football season, let’s take a look back at last year to discuss a couple of consistently argued topics: strength of schedule and conference strength. SportsMeasures’ objective measures for college and pro sports teams are exactly what is needed to solve many of the issues and arguments in sports […]

College football 2010

College football season is almost upon us! With that, we launch into another season full of debate about the accuracy of the ratings of the Bowl Championship Series. My methodology is the only known scientific method used to measure the ability of all 730 collegiate football teams. That includes all teams from the BCS schools […]


The NCAA and the Bowl Championship Series was very fortunate to have Texas and Alabama finish as the top two teams in the BCS this just completed season. I am uncertain how much impact there would have been on SportsMeasures’ rankings if Nebraska had been able to pull off the upset of Texas in the […]