2016-17 FBS Playoff Preview

2016-17 FBS Playoff Preview This football season, like all the others it seems, failed to disappoint! There were a few raucous weekends when the unexpected happened (i.e. several Top 10 teams were upset). Diamond RankingsTM is once again proving its worth and value by having steady rankings week-in and week-out and leading the way with […]

Football Season is Back and so are our Rankings – Finally!

Happy football season!! This season we’ve added some high school football to our rankings. My partner at High School Football America, Jeff Fisher (no relation), hosts an internet radio show as well as a show in Los Angeles (http://www.highschoolfootballamerica.com/radio-shows) and our SoCal (Southern and Los Angeles Sections) high school football rankings will be featured on […]

2011 BCS Rankings: A comparison of major ranking services vs. SportsMeasures

Once again, the annual argument about the validity of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) rankings has begun! I am happy to lead the charge against this assault on the intelligence of the American sporting public. My public rantings have been raged in this space many times before and will continue. The BCS is as unscientific, […]

Strength of Schedule and Conference Strength

As we head into the 2011 college football season, let’s take a look back at last year to discuss a couple of consistently argued topics: strength of schedule and conference strength. SportsMeasures’ objective measures for college and pro sports teams are exactly what is needed to solve many of the issues and arguments in sports […]

2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: SportsMeasures vs. the NCAA

I wonder if the NCAA Selection Committee knows something about estimating ability of athletic teams that I don’t? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insulting the committee of men who gathered in a hotel conference room last weekend to select the 68 teams for this year’s Men’s Basketball Tournament. However, I am asserting my knowledge […]

Masters Golf

Check out the SportsMeasures.com blog later this week for complete analysis of the 2010 Masters golf tournament! You will see golf analysis unlike anything you’ve seen before. Starting Wednesday I will explain some of the details that this analysis will cover: hole difficulty, unexpected scores (by hole), player ability for example. I hope you post […]


For the duration of my entry into the contest at www.lastfanstanding2010.com I will be blogging there. As soon as I lose in this contest I will return to SportsMeasures.com to continue blogging about sports. – Patrick

SportsMeasures.com field of 65

Here is the field of 65 as seen by SportsMeasures.com. The columns are as follows: Seed, SM.com ranking, team, measure, standard error 1    1        Kansas    76.90    2.54 1    2        Kentucky    73.37    2.57 1    3        Syracuse    72.78    2.14 1    4        Duke    72.58    2.00 2    5        West Virginia    69.74    2.00 2    6   […]

Conference strength

Here are the top six men’s basketball conferences for the 2009-10 season: Big 12 – 64.63 ACC – 63.78 Big East – 63.57 SEC – 61.51 Big 10 – 61.11 Pac-10 – 58.70 It is no surprise that the Big 12 is at the top of the list. It is somewhat surprising to see the […]

#2, Projected NCAA men’s basketball tournament

Projected seedings for NCAA men’s basketball tournament Ranking,  Seed, Team name, Measure, Error 1    1    Kansas    78.83    3.24 2    1    Syracuse    75.60    2.67 3    1    Kentucky    75.35    3.31 4    1    Duke    74.32    2.24 5    2    Purdue    71.68    2.47 6    2    Villanova    71.63    2.48 7    2    Kansas St    71.02    2.41 8    2    West Virginia    70.72    2.29 […]