NFC Championship – Packers @ Bears

This weekend’s NFL Conference Championship games have the potential to be very competitive. They also have the potential to be blowouts. Today we’ll focus on the NFC. First, the Chicago Bears host the Green Bay Packers. It is the NFL’s oldest rivalry. They split their two Black-n-Blue Division games this year, each team winning at […]

NFL Week 15

Clearly, New England is the best team in the NFL through 15 weeks. The playoffs will test them to see if they will also be the champions of the NFL in Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, TX. The Patriots increased their already sizable lead in SportsMeasures’ ranking to over 12 points (from around nine in […]

NFL rankings Week 7

Pittsburgh is the new top team in the NFL after week 7. With 5-1 record they are slightly ahead of the New York Jets and New England. Winning percentage is only generally correlated with ability. Tampa Bay is 4-2, but is near the bottom of the pile (#25). The Bucs have beat Cleveland, Carolina, Cincinnati […]

NFL Week 4

Week 4 is posted and there are what appear to be some surprises in the team rankings for this week. A team’s record does not necessarily reflect its ability. Take the Cleveland Browns and their 1 – 3 record. It would appear that they are not all that good of a team. I recall hearing […]

NFL Conference Championship Measures

Take a look at the NFL rankings for the Conference Championship measures. You will see that Indianapolis and New Orleans are essentially in a dead heat for the highest performance measure. The tenths of a point difference is meaningless. So, SportsMeasures won’t even make a prediction based on the measures. It is nice to see […]