College basketball unbiased rankings

Here is the crux of what can do: This is a live, in-action-as-I-write example. As of this writing, Illinois has a two game lead over Minnesota in the Big 10 standings (9-5 vs. 7-7) and a one-half game lead overall (17-10 vs. 16-10). Yet, Illinois is getting votes in the AP writer’s Top 25 poll and Minnesota is nowhere to be seen. In the most recent ranking (week 16), Minnesota has a higher measure than does Illinois (63.57 vs. 62.58). It wouldn’t be surprising if Minnesota finished tied or even ahead of Illinois in the Big 10. The point being that the bias exhibited in the voting polls is problematic. The data needs to tell the story, not biased voters, no matter if the voters are sportswriters or coaches. is all about the science, not the bias.

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