Week to week ranking movement

Kansas is still #1 this week despite its loss last week and will most likely retain the top spot in next weeks poll with its win over K-State Wednesday night!

Just because a team loses once or twice doesn’t mean that the team has lost some of its luster. Kansas is the class of the 2009-10 men’s basketball season and they *should* win the NCAA tournament championship early in April. Kansas lost to a decent Oklahoma St. team on the road. Road games in almost any conference are potential losses – even for the top team in the country. The fact that they were 14-0 in conference play up to that point is a testimony to how good this Bill Self-coached team is!

What is even worse than the scenario described above is when a team loses to a team of equal ability and still is rated lower in the following week’s rankings – even when it is a close game! A loss does not always equal lower ability and subsequent lower ranking!

This is just another piece to the argument that subjective opinions and analysis has no place in such high stakes athletic competition!

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