Our Areas of Expertise

Our Areas of Expertise

We measure:

Team ability (all sports - HS thru pros) - related: strength of schedule, conference strength (all using the same scale, unit of measure or ruler)

Individual ability - wrestling, track, cross country, swimming, golf, tennis; Judged competitions: Olympics, diving, gymnastics, figure skating, reined-cow horse, dressage

Baseball - offensive ability, defensive ability, pitching ability, managerial play-calling, umpiring, base-stealing, optimal line-up,

Other than team ability, football, basketball, soccer, and other such sports, it is difficult to measure an individual’s ability because of the chaotic nature of play. Baseball is easy because one player (the pitcher) pitches a ball to another player (the batter). It is a one-on-one confrontation vs. 5-on-5 or 11-on-11.

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