Welcome to SportsMeasures.com, the only web site that provides scientifically validated comparisons of sports performances across conferences, divisions, leagues, and seasons.

Our Goal
goal is to measure all men's and women's college and professional sports. In addition, we will eventually include a variety of high school sports metrics. Our goal is to depict the versatility and depth of objective athletic performance measurement.

Our Mission
The mission of SportsMeasures.com is to consistently provide performance measures of all athletic endeavors of individuals, teams, conferences, and divisions. **This web site, its owner, and its webmaster will NOT engage in any point-spread predictions nor any other gambling-related ventures.**

Benefits of Objective Measurement
One of the many benefits of objective measurement is to compare teams without regard to their division level. For example, an FCS (the old NCAA Div. IAA) school such as Illinois State University (ISU) of the Missouri Valley Conference can be compared to BCS powerhouse, University of Southern California of the Pac-10 Conference, just as you would compare two apples at the produce stand. The basis for being able to compare such diverse football programs is inherent in the data. If ISU has played a team that has played a team that has played USC, then the data are connected. Measures of each team's ability can be determined, and, thus, a valid comparison results! Conversely, without such a data connection, the performance measures are of little value. In addition to comparing teams, conferences and divisions can also be compared. Arguments about which conference is best can be settled because all data from all teams is used to calculate the ability estimates. As a result, we can see how much better certain conferences or divisions are in comparison to others!

For More Information
For information regarding this site, contact questions@SportsMeasures.com or call 630-674-6783.


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